Review: Devil May Cry

Though a fight every now and then does make life a little more interesting, don’t ya think?

-Dante, Devil May Cry 4

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Update of The Month

Now greetingz to the world, My readers welcome to the Update of The Month!!!

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A new Project and Summer vaction ahead!

Hello guys Lion here! If got a quick update for y’all! If began a new OST project! The OST’s of Death Note are being post so check that out! Also I’m busy on a video review but I don’t find good enough it lacks that one thing!

Also I began on Attack on Titan and I’m at episode 4 of Railgun S and both are amazing! This is it for now! I also finished my exams. I will update when I’m going on vacation and when I’m back we can celibate “King’s Network 1 year anniversary”! Looking out for it!!!!


So like they say: “That is That”

And until the next time!

Tot dan.  -Lion

Review: Darker Than Black, Gemini of The Meteor

The smoke exhaled from a cigarette is more toxic than the smoke inhaled. Inhaled smoke has 5.3 to 43 nanograms of the carcinogen, dimethylnitrosamine. Secondhand smoke has 680 to 823 nanograms. Secondhand smoke has 11 times the amount of quinoline compare to inhaled smoke. That’s about 18000 nanograms.    -April


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Plan du campaign/Quick of The Week

So plan du campaign me dear followers. I reached all of your mails and positive feed-back. And it’s great to know that so many people are happy that I Lion, head writer of King’s Network is back. And ready to tell what’s the plan and what you guys can expect. Just click the blue banner and find out.

So I know that I promised reviews. Right now I need to re-watch them and after that I will review them. Next Friday there will be a new Quick but this has to go out today as a plan of what are we gonna do guys! So it’s short ( that’s what she said) I know, but I needed to get this out.

Happy Easter

And until the next tim

I’m the Dutchman lion, tot dan.