Review: Attack on Titan


Decide. Will you trust only in your own strength? Or will you put faith in the Survey Corps and me?

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Theory no Titan

Just one more episode amd that Attack on Titan is over. Today I would like to tell you guys my theories revolving around Titan.

My theories are based on the thing if seen in the anime I have not read the manga or did any serious research I can spoil some things that may or may not happen so you have been warned!!!

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Review: Freezing

Ganessa RolandProtecting those who are weaker than here self is a Pandora’s duty.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                – Ganessa Roland

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Upcoming, Freezing no Review

There is a Big difference between anime with ecchi and ecchi with anime. Confused? Good. Now greetingz to the world Fans, Friends and fanboys. Soon a long promised review of: “Freezing

I hope your ready!

– Lion

Now Greetingz To The World

As it says! Now Greatingz To the World. Fans, Friends and those who don’t mind reading a review instead of watching one! I’m Lion and Welcome BACK to King’s Network! Where me and my buddy Remy write about anime and stuff! I hope you like the little thumbnail or what the hack it’s called ( Still watching it…. And -_- <— (That says it all))


Anyway I’ll be back with reviewing soon! I do plan on a video review but I don’t know when or how!!! So I hope you guys are ready for an new year of WAAAAAY to honest Anime Reviews!

And Until The Next Time!!!!

Tot Dan -Lion