New Update sorry for delay!

Because I’m working on an new project I will not upload my new Review of Freezing: Vibration. I hope all of you can understand this and support me in my new p\upcoming projects!


Update of Two Monthes

Fuck School, just fuck it all. Me friends I’f been a selfish bastard and I hope you can all forgive me? Now let’s do what I’m suppose to do at the end of a month! A update!!!! JAHOOO
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My first Daily Pursuit

Lal to spam on a sunday ~moning~ I really have know idea i’f I’m gonna do this more often
How knows, i don’t!

Now that I’m almost daily I think this has become more of A personal blog I guess!
But I don’t care! I just finished Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion 1. And right now I’m a already at Ep4 of Lelouch of the Rebellion R2. So jay that’s nice!
I hope you guys can be happy with a Daily Pursuit!

~Enjoy Your Sunday~
Lion D

blogging off