From Hiatus to daily

Hello fellow readers Leo here.

Well after almost a year on hiatus I bring “Good news” and “Bad news”.

Good news is, I’m currently taking classes in HTML and css and a lot more of web design and website building.

Bad news is, I’m probably giving up this blog for it.

now OTHER good news is that this “New” website is all about Anime. I got the job to create an website that revolves all around anime.

Now I will not terminate this blog and all the reviews and all my other bull on it ( I’m talking about the Daily Pursuit things xD )

I also have a few reviews that are also on hiatus and I’m gonna finish those A.S.A.P.

I will also link the URL to “MY” website in another post ‘couse I need to make it first.


until the next time, tot dan.

_ Leo

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