Review: Devil May Cry

Though a fight every now and then does make life a little more interesting, don’t ya think?

-Dante, Devil May Cry 4

Each animation studio has its own way if creating anime. And they all stand for something else.

Studio Sunrise is know for Mecha, creating the whole GUNDAM franchise and Code geass.

Bones id known for quality example Full metal Alchemist and Brotherhood, the Bebop movie, Darker Than Black and Soul Eater

ARMS is the studio known for Elven lied and MAOYU and hentai! There are a lot more of studios out there and today we take an look at an studio that knows how to make blood!!! They did other things such as Chobits and The girl who leapt trough time Cardcaptor Sakura. But also Death Note and Black lagoon.

Now greatingz to the world. Fans Friends & lovers of anime: I’m Lion and welcome to the first video review of king’s Network!

Voor vandaag een anime die gebaseert is op een video spel van studio Capcom tot leven gebracht door Madhouse zelf.

Devil May Cry.

Let’s go!!!!



The story for DMC is rather easy to follow: People dislike demons people hire demon hunter AKA Dante and Dante killes other demons while being an half demon him self. This goes on for an couple of episodes when an REAL PLOT runs in and shit goes down from there. Each episode stands alone in the bigger story. this only counts for the fist half of the anime

It quite an basic story devils V.S Devils.But only with an other bow on it, the bow of complete awesomeness and ass-kicking animations that just go waaaaaaayyyy to faaaaaaaar!!!!! And each episode is almost an story on it’s own


The main person for this anime is obvious: Dante, an halve human halve demon who hunts down other demons together with his buddies Lady and Trish. Dante is the type of guy who rather sits in his chair reading the same book of and over again than actually going on an job so he an give the money he owns to either Lady or the dumb-ass who still sells him pizza.

The rest of the cast exists from Lady to Trish to Patty Morrison and random people with there own problems. Most credit I give to the dub of Funimation. The cast is well done and did thee job great. Even if im not an huge fan of dubs. This one is pretty good!


The music can be described in a few words: “Mother-Fucking MELTAL!!!

The music is metal. Done by rungran. The most exists of hard drums, electrics guitars, bass, sadly no vocal. The opening is cool, the first time I herd it i missed the vocal, but the more I heard it the more I thought: It’s pretty good. The rest of the OST’s contain Metal, Rock, and all those kind of things. The track Pain however is actually a very sad piano cover of the opening and pretty beautiful if you tell me. I even tried to learn it back than when I played piano. Good music not put away for everyone tho.


This is the part where D.M.C sucks the most with. The development didn’t kicked in as much as I thought it would and I will explain it.

The story kicks of, all the episodes are an individual story that let us learn all the characters and than at one moment a GIANT DEUS EX MACHINA plot comes along and the anime ends with a cliff-hanger bigger than the tits of this chick. And I’m not joking the final fight was a let down and it sucked A LOT!!!!


This was a good thing about the anime. The animations where nice and specially the gore which is something that Studio MADHOUSE is famous for. Nothing much to say about the animations. The where nice.

Final verdivt:

Devil May Cry is a anime that is waaay to overkill making characters look liek Final Fansty character who can’t die with little development a plot that goes from somewhere to DEUS EX MACHINA. Almoast like Death Note.

Story: 5 out of 10

Characters: 7 out of 10

Music 7,55 out of 10

Development: 4 out of 10

Animations: 8 out of 10

Enjoyments: 7,5 out of 10

And that gives the D.M.C a Final Score of : 6,51 out of 10

D.M.C is an anime that was better with stand-alone episoded anime that it has been presented to us by MADHOUSE. Overall I did enjoyed it and was for two things, The Sub and Fucking Dub because the two of them are really good and very impressive (talking about the dub right now). Anyhow this is it for now. I hope you all have enjoyed this review


and until the next time, Fans, Friends & lovers of anime.

Tot dan.,

– Lion


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