Fairy Tail 2014!!!!

Fear is not ‘Evil’ It is to know your own weakness. If you know your weakness, people can become strong and gentle. 

– Gildarts Clive

Yep. I’m ready for the new season of Fairy Tail. If you haven’t seen the trailer do so. The reason I’m pointing this out and not any of my reviews is because well………………….. Uhm………

Anyway after seeing the trailer all of my theories of things that I thought would happen just fell of a very high cliff into lava where it died an very unpleasant death. I really did NOT saw it coming and I’m excited as much as last year when other great animes aired.

I do expect a lot of Fairy Tail and hope that watching this can give me my mood back to sit down behind my P.C and write on my WorldPress blog about Anime. My expectations are high for this serie, in the trailer I saw a different type of colors than the last season so that can either mean that they have forgotten what colors they used first, or that the financial crisis has finally reached A-1 Pictures and all of Japan.

The actor I can’t say much about, happy they still got Aya Hirano for Lucy after her “little” incident and becoming Japans least favorite J-Pop idol (which is good news for Hatsune Miku of course, (not a great fan of both there music.  (More of the metal))) So the all the voice actor are still the same which again is a good thing.

for the music I haven’t heard much of it yet, tho I’m asking myself  WHY THE HELL DID THEY NOT USED JAPANS CUTEST  METALBAND FOR THE OPENING.  Seriously?!?!?!?!? WHY? It would have been such a killer opening and kick-off for this anime.

So will I give my first thoughts on after seeing episode 5 of the new season. Hell YEA. And maybe Ill try to get my three reaming reviews on my blog after 3 months not showing up and wasting time in gaming, manga and school (specially the last on, very important.)

Anyhow that’s it for me now. I’m not dead just very very VERY lazy

So fans, Friends and lovers of Anime

Until The NEXT TIME!!!

Tot dan,

Just who the hell do you think I”AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I’m Lion)

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