Update Since A Long Time!

Damn, how long has it been since if told you guys what I’ve been doing recently? Well first things first. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Yes, I know been to long. I haven’t payed much attention to my blog for quite some time. And that pisses me off. I have enough time to update you guys and make my reviews but for some reason I’m to lazy to do so.

Anyway, there isn’t really anything of 014 that i’m watching right now. Currently if started Fairy Tail and DAMN!!!!! At the point of me writing this i’m at 46. HOLY DAMN, there is a lot of action in this Shonen, great animations, good music, voice actors&actresses. Over all pretty good. And let’s see if I can finish it before the start of Season 2 in March or was is it April? I forgot….

Than upcoming reviews are Freezing Vibration and fate/stay/zero/2 <——– (makes all sense)

That’s pretty much all there is!! Just gonna go for a lot of one-nighters and a lot of Coffee and I promised myself to ease the coffee.


Well as They say;

That is That, until the next time, Friends, Friends&lovers of Anime

Tot Dan, -Lion



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