Review: Highschool DxD New


White desires power, red desires women. Both of them are unbelievably pure and simple. Even without God, this world still turns.

-Azazel, Governor General of the Fallen Angels

Plot is amazing. But sometimes plot can’t keep up with plot and than people will follow plot instead of plot.

That was the first season now the second season is nothing compared to the first season. The second is much better and the first lived up to this ending and this anime. And what and great end!

Now greetingz to the world. Fans, Friends and lovers of anime I’m Lion and today Highschool DxD New.


The story goes on where it left Issei has to fight the White emperor The Vanishing Dragon. With this in out mind we still can’t forget that he’s is still after some boobs! The main story follows Issei in his undying quest to become a harem king and the plot below makes sure that we get enough twists to enjoy the fuck out of it! The story was well executed with two story arcs following each other very well. And one swim episode. Progress!!!


They haven’t really changed since the last season. But more characters joined and we’ve got more background from: Kiba and Akeno. And introductions of other characters was just amazing. I loved them one after another. One of the mayor things I likes was Azazel and his personality that is just so genius.

The new people that shined where sublime and also the original cast has done very well. The Sub-cast was very good. And I would love to know which people Funimation will cast for the Dub.


The music of this season was epic and good. For the first time if seen an 12 episoded anime with 2 openings, I have never seen this before and it was a nice touch. Same goes for the endings. Both endings where as ecchi as always. Music was okay nothing much changed and that is a bad thing.

The openings where just great in visual. Music wise Fraeking AZEASING. But the endings where something else. The songs are jolly and fun. But the visual is great but, seriously from pole-dancing to Twister. Seems-legit, but not to me!


Now this is where also nothing changed much. There where a lot of character development and “plot” development. The way all the characters developt was good. In this case the best developt Characters where of course Rias, Issei, Akeno, Kiba (finally((no-homo))) and of course the best Xenovia. The development was well done. The anime is ready for some Koneko!!!


For animations I have to say: “Dat Action!”
Yes, there was jiggle&wiggle, but who gave a fuck about that! It was about the action animations! The fights where so good with all the magic attacks, sword fights and the final battle. TNK went all out with this. There time as animation studio has finally dawned. I forgive them for schooldays <– thats a lie, no body ever will do that.

Final Verdict

The time has come. Sure there was a shit load of fan-serves but it was tame in someway. De Score for Highschool DxD New is:

Story: 7 out of 10
Characters: 7 out of 10
Music: 9 out of 10
Development: 7,8 out of 10
Animations: 8 out of 10
Enjoyment 9 out of 10
So DxD New ends with and overall score of: 7.96 out of 10

This is the point where I doubt me rating system, because I wished that I could give this season an 10 out  of 10. This season was great with an huge ending and great value of being an good anime.

an as they say.

That is That,

until the next time Fans,Friends&lovers of anime

tot dan, -lion


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