Review: Attack on Titan


Decide. Will you trust only in your own strength? Or will you put faith in the Survey Corps and me?

– Captain Levi

There are a lot of animes with high production values like and those animes are just the tip of the fucking ice berg. Last year we had Sword Art Online an anime that started great and later ended like the Economy of the 1930s. This year by an other studio they gave us an anime with massive production values and guess what.  It’s fucking awesome.

Now, greetings to the world. Fans, Friends and lovers of anime. I’m Lion and today I give you, Attack on Titan.


In a far future where mankind began as new. As humans live there normal life within the Walls, protected from the outside world. But one day they receive a grim reminder of the world they life in. One day the Colossal Titan appears and breaks the gate of the first wall. Now titans are walking into the wall and now they must fight the titans or the human race will be exterminated for good.

The story is a basic Godzilla thing only made a million times worse. It’s about the MAJOR plot twists that’s making this good.


The main Character in this anime is Eren Jeäger. A boy who has big dreams and the stupid habit to talk and not think and just say anything that pops-up in his mind. His development in the anime is amazing. But there is one thing about him that ticks me off. And that is the fact that he’s a fuckig crybaby!!! He does develop, but his personality is just very irritating.

The lead female character is Mikasa Ackerman. And fuck yea!!! She could have been the main character for this anime. Mikasa is “that” awesome. She has a stone-cold personality and where Eren goes, she goes. Bitch on Eren and she will hunt you down until she can kick your ass! Mikasa is an amazing lead character she brings all the action in this anime! And backs down for nothing! She is pretty much an anti-titan-killing machine!

The last character I wanne talk about is Levi. And he’s pretty much Mikasa, only the a girl and without the Eren fetish! Levi is such a badass and just an amazing person for major development!

The supporting cast is great. They bring a lot of fun moments in the begin. And when someone dies you must become a brick ’cause you will cry when they die!


Those OPENINGS!!!! Holy GODDAMN! The openings of Attack on Titan are both done by: “Revo” and “Sound Horizon”. Well, Revo is Sound Horizon. There are a lot of people who say that the first opening is the best.

Well, I prefer the second. I mean have you ever heard a Japanese person sing GOOD German? And the guitar solo at the begin! Hell yea! Now the OST’s are good too. Some orchestra, epic singing. There is only one thing. The song DOA, when you listen to it it sound waaaay to much like” Something In Your Mouth” from: Nickelback. Just saying.


25 episodes of pure epicness? Not really, there are a lot of filler episodes and the anime needs them. There aren’t beach episodes and I thank god but then again, where do you want to put them. The anime has a begin from at least 5 episodes, goes uphills, then falls faster than a baby bird and then learns to fly high with his wings of freedom! (too obvious?)

There is only one thing and that is that I think I would have enjoyed the development more, if all the seprated chapters where put together as OVA’s. I think I would have loved that more. The characters have enough time to develop, but they don’t do it at one point. The reason for this is the ” slow pacing” At one point it loops 5 years in 2 episodes. And next time it takes 5 episodes for a day?!?! It is because of that the characters could not develop as they had to in my eyes. They had the time, they took waaaaaay to much for nothing at all.


The animations of this anime weere done by: Production I.G and Studio WIT (which is Dutch for white just so you guys know). And Attack on Titan has some goddamn well done animations and especially when it comes to the 3D-maneuver gear. It’s fucking well done!  There are things here and there that aren’t that great. And that is if you watch the anime frame by frame. And if you stop at the right time it’s one giant blur. 


I usually don’t do an overall but for this anime. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN. It as nothing what I expected and was damn surprised with that ending! This anime has proven that epicness&plot are still there within anime!!

Final Verdict:

And with this I present the score for Attack on Titan:

Story: 7,2 out of 10

Characters: 7 out of 10

Music: PERFECT 10

Development: 6 out of 10

Animations: 8,5 out of 10

Enjoyment: PERFECT 10


And Attack on Titan ends with a amazing score of 8,11 out of 10


I enjoyed the Fuck out of this anime and the music was just FUCK!!!!!! DAT SECOND OPENING!!! This anime deserved all the hype it got!



And as they say,


That is That,

Until the next time


Tot dan – Lion


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