Theory no Titan

Just one more episode amd that Attack on Titan is over. Today I would like to tell you guys my theories revolving around Titan.

My theories are based on the thing if seen in the anime I have not read the manga or did any serious research I can spoil some things that may or may not happen so you have been warned!!!

The first thing I would like to light up is to ask about Eren’s father. You all can remember him at the begin of the serie that he talked about the basement. Now what if the solutions are there! That’s the main theory.

We also saw in a flashback that Eren’s father gave Eren some kind of injection. And after that he was able to transform into a Titan.

Ok let’s leave that and focus on Mikasa for a sec. In the begin we found out that she was adopted by the Jeäger family. The people who killed here parents sayed that her mother was a special person who had some connection with the Walls and it’s orgin. So that makes Mikasa an half-blood right.

Now say that Doc. Jeäger is was able to tap blood from Mikasa’s mother and use this for his research to develop the “Titan Serum”! Now I ask you ask me: ” Lion you know who the people are who can transform into Titans without reading the manga?” Awenser: “maybe.”

Say that this all is true, who would you give this Serum and why? Would you give it an grown person? No, because they have there own will? One of the leaders of the three factions? No way!!! They would execute you right away! So what leaves this? Children or to be more specific: “teenagers.” Now what kind of teenager? Not someone like Eren and Armin. More someone who’s been fighting his/her life and grew up in a large place where almost no one can see you… Indeed people from:”Trost.”

As now we have seen episode 24. There we found out that Annie is: “The Female-Titan” she’s from Trost and a born fighter.

Now The Colossal and The Armored Titan are another story. One thing I just saw and I think, The Armored one I think I know. During Armin’s fight with The Female Titan. Reiner got attacked by her. And she squished him! And then he “recovered”. And his face just looks like the Armored one!

It’s all just a theory. And I think I did a good job. If not read the manga and the if never been on the wikia. So manga readers DON’T SPOIL!!!

Until the next time.

Tot dan


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