Review: Freezing

Ganessa RolandProtecting those who are weaker than here self is a Pandora’s duty.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                – Ganessa Roland

When it comes to enjoyment I can enjoy pretty much everything! Even if it is ecchi from begin to end. And I don’t know why, it’s just me I guess!

Now greetingz to the world! Fans, Friends and lovers Heinz. Welcome after a long time to a new review! This time: “Freezing”

Let’s GO!!!!!

Story: Our words is in danger. Out of the blue giant demons called NOVA are attacking us and destroying our world. But there is hope. At Genetics Pandora’s and Limiters getting trained. Pandora’s are female girls who have things called Stigma in there back. These allow them to summon there volt weapons and fight the NOVA. The Limiters and call upon Freezing. This creates a field to Freeze every single living organism in range of this energy.

This is a very original Plot/Story ‘couse no one ever thought of giant monsters attacking humans.


The main Character of this anime is Kazuya. Who’s a new student at Genetics. His sis is a well know Pandora who gave here life in the 8th NOVA clash. Kazuya is a normal boy who gets involved within a fight between two Pandora’s one of those Pandora’s goes under the name of: Satelizer El Brigitte. Who’s also know as The Untouched Queen. As she’s never touched by anyone and who gets close will die a slow and painful death.

These are the main characters. The supporting cast is also very nice. They give some nice touches and there some good voices involved. Both sub and dub. The dub was done by Funiamation. And I can say that they did a well job on it.


The music of Freezing is done by: Masura Yokoyama. One of my favorite Japanese music composers. He is the genius behind the music of Queen’s Blade. The music of Freezing is a combination between Classic, Rock, Pop and some mix-jib-jab. The opening is done by: MARiA. The song is great and well executed. It’s good and don’t skip it. Same as the ending done by: Aika Kobayashi . Who also did Future is Serious from Queen’s Blade Rebellion. Both songs are within J-Pop/Rock as I can’t really put my finger on it what genre they belong to.

The Music of Freezing is great.
Sometimes I think that anime like these save some extra money to put most effort in the composer and the openings and endings. The music is great.


The anime is 12 episodes long. And a second season is green lighted by the time of my review. The anime is fast paste. And still enough time to make some filler episodes with a nice Prom-Queen contest with a “whole Lotta Serves”
The characters develop even faster and for me it turned my expectation of this anime bottoms-down. You’ll find out yourself.


The Animations are done by A.C.G.T.. The fighting scenes are great to say Fucking AMASSING. Same with the Pandora’s using there power and the Animations of the Freezing are just great. The fighting scenes are just wow. Now there are few things that I can’t stand. The blood just looks like Heinz diet tomato ketchup when people get killed. And sometimes it’s just to fake… And I have a huge problem with it. The animations lagged a lot sometimes. But I guess that they lost mot of there  budget hiring: “Masura Yokoyama”. I don’t blame them for possible doing that. But you can see when the animations lag.

Final Verdict:

To be honest I really enjoyed Freezing. The build up to the end can be very quite irritating ‘couse this is an anime that contains heavy fan-serves. But when you surpass the borderline hentai and you can watch it without any problem than you will enjoy this allot. And so the score of Freezing:

Story: 7,3 out of 10.
Characters: 7 out of 10.
Music 9 out of 10.
Development 7,7 out of 10
Animations 7 out of 10
Enjoyment 8,8 out of 10

And with that the Final Score of Freezing is a good 7,95 out of 10. And a recommendation to watch this anime. Freezing is an anime with an amazing final battle. And it has been dubbed by: Funiamation.

At the time of this review Freezing is available for legal streaming at Funiamation. You can watch it subbed and dubbed you need to be a premium member and if you live in North-America I see do so if you can.

For any anime recommendation I will guide you in the direction of:

Black Lagoon which is also dubbed by Funiamation and it’s a nice anime with a lot of action and death, blood and gore. And Bitches Go Wilde!

And Queen’s Blade Rebellion if you love ecchi and some good fighting animations than go watch Rebellion.

And leave the OVA and the rest of the anime. That’s not worth your time.

And as they say:

That is That,

until the next time

Tot dan -Lion



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