First Impression: Highschool DxD New


When I say something is “good” it usually is. “Highschool DxD New” is NO FUCKING EXCEPTION. Now greetings to the world. Friends&fans and lovers of sadistic demons. Welcome to the First Impression of: “Highschool DxD New”.

As when the anime begin with the first episode I had no problem with the serves at all. Mainly because for this anime I can’t give much fucks about it. The fan-serves is much less the the last season. Yes, we get a few armor breaks but all the ecchi is saved for in the bathroom scenes and eye catches (which are very irritating when you try to follow “plot”)

The characters never disappoint me. When it comes to Issei and is harem talk it’s epic as hell. This leads again to amazing plot twists and you might think: ” Lion why u make no sense!!!!” You find out soon enough.

One thing where they heavily focus on are the magic swords. And I JUST FUCKING CALLED IT. In my review of the last season I said that this was gonna happened. Or rather I wanted this to happen.

The most focus lies with Kiba and we didn’t knew much about him in the last season. Now most focus lies around him.

I must say that TNK has become better with the animations. After SchoolDays of course this is the only GOOOOOOD thing that they have giv’n us.

Right now this anime is going so good. Even the hypocrites love it now.

I’ll leave the rest up to you.

And as they say that is that. Until the next time.

Tot Dan -Lion

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