Update of The Month/ 1 Year King’s Network/Summer Stop


Because he is mad scientist and going to USA to fight on the battlefield of Valhalla. Or something like that.

Now greetingz to teh world, Fan’s and Friends I’m Lion and welcome to The Final Update of The Year.

I count years as school years. And soon it’s over. I just finished Stein’s;Gate’s OVA and I’m current watching “Attack on Titan” and “Railgun”.  I haven’t finished any anime since Darker than Black and that is a shame indeed.

For now I’m planning to finish; FMA Brotherhood, Railgun S, Titan and a lot more. I’m also watching the well known anime: “Neon Genesis Evangelion”. And it’s good really it is. Next to that I started “DarkStalkers” and “Cowboy Bebop”. And that is what I call old-school!

If been watching a lot and looking forward to review a shit load for you guys. A this point I’m planning on a NEW YouTube account and let the idea of a Pirate Scolar go. I have the idea to buy A Blue-Ray DVD player and start to import anime. It is to bad that I can’t watch anime on Crunchyroll. Or well I can but I don’t have a good job yet to pay for it. So let’s summary:

1# I have a list of shit all going.

2# I go legit

3# Video reviews after summer ( Hopefully)

4# Importing anime will be expensive

5# I’m a genius!

And like they say, That is That

And until the next time my, Fans and Friends

Tot dan and ill see u all after the summer.

Geniet er van en ik wil jullie allemaal bedanken voor een geweldig jaar en hoop echt dat ik kan beginnen met het importeren van anime!

Fijne Vakantie, -Lion


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