Update of The Month

Now greetingz to the world, My readers welcome to the Update of The Month!!!

OMG Railgun S and Titan are AWESOME!!! These are by far the best anime’s of the SEASON!!! Sorry for my not posting any reviews… At the moment I’m busy on  my 3th Youtube account.  Piratescholar… At this account I’m gonna show how to become a pirate with the basics of the basics but that after the summer!!!! Also my next review will be after the summer…. Sorry guys! But with a few weeks I’m gonna go for the “Summer Stop” This means that I’m taking the summer off and that I will wake up when August ends (obvious GreenDay reference XD)

This quite weak to satisfy y’all I know but also after the summe rI hope to get my video reviews running more OST’s and to teach you guys the basic of torrents and cracking programms easy! So I hope all your exams went well!!! I’m done! With all of theme!

And as they say, That is That

Until the next time my

followers and readers!

Tot Dan….



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