Update of The Month

Yo~low guys Lion here with the Update of The Month.

Right now I’m busy with my first video review. It’s still secret which anime I’m doing but I promise you won’t be dissapointed. Now the second I just watched Queen’s Blade; Vanquished Queen OVA. And to be honest, just what the fuck did I watched. It was RAW but ARMS did crossed the line. I mean TomoĆ© being defeated??? Are u kidding me. She’s overkill she kicked Aldra’s ass and you expect me to believe that she get defeated by Brauaner??? No, no, no, no just NO. But I won’t spoil to much you can get the trorrent at: nyaa.eu just tag Queen’s Blade you find it. So that was it. I you can excuse me I have to write a script and make a new OST.

Until the next time

Tot Dan

– Lion


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