Review: Darker Than Black, Gemini of The Meteor

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In the beginning of the anime you’re like: “What the hell is going on!” And when the episodes end you’re still like: “Dafuq?!” I have a love/hate relationship with this anime. Gemini is the second season of Darker Than Black and it’s good, it really is. So ladies and gentleman I’m The Noble Dutchman Lion, and today I give you: Darker Than Black: Gemini of The Meteor, The Review.

Let’s start the partaááy!


The story of Gemini takes place two years after Hei’s little adventure in Japan. Where DTB began. Now the whole story is focused on a new character named: Suon Pafri, Praflie Prafeleu… she’s Russian and her name is Suon. And she has a nice life there… in Russia, her father is a scientist and her brother, he’s a contractor. At one day their house is getting attacked by a black cat and BK-201.

There Suon sees how her father gets attacked by BK and how he deals with other contractors. And yet this is just the beginning of Suon’s adventure and the pendant that Hei wants her to have. And can he do this without his power as contractor???


What I loved most about the music was the opening. And to be honest I didn’t listen too much to it because I was watching the anime itself. Most of the music was fine then, that’s my opinion. It was fine.


The development of the anime was great. It was straight forward and no excuses. The only sad thing about the development of the anime was that it was too fast. And yes I complain about it being to fast. “Gemini” was 12 episodes and “Dark Contractor” was 24. And that’s actually it, I wanted a 24 episodes season 2. But still the development was great and for this time I allow it. But only this time Bones… It was fine, don’t get me wrong, but there were still things missing.


The characters of this anime were the same as last season. Well the same, .“Spoiler Alert” Hei has become a drunk with long hair and a “Fuck the world” mood

(You know that mood, it’s the mood you have every Monday only he has it 24/7)

Mao is also in it. Kirihara and the new main character, Suon. I have to give a lot of credits to the great voice acting of this anime, it was stunning. Even when he’s an ass Hei stays AWESOME!!!

But for the most everything was focus on Suon with Hei as secondary main character.


DTB steals the show when it comes to animations. And that’s all because of Studio Bones. As I said in my last DTB review. Bones did, Soul Eater and Full Metal Alchemist. And those have amazing animations (especially FMA). The animations in the action scenes were just brilliant with all the contractors kicking each other’s ass. Now there is just one thing and that is Suon’s transformation. WHY DO THEY SHOW IT ALL THE TIME. I found it very annoying.


Overall, the anime has its ups and downs. There are great parts, some parts that suck and others where you can have a laugh. But this anime is so good, with all its animations it’s perfect for a one-sit-anime.

The Final Verdict:

Based on
Story, Music, Development, Characters and Animations after losing my power I’ve come up with the score and a final verdict on this anime:

Story: 7.5 out of 10
Music: 7.5 out of 10
Development: 8.1 out of 10
Characters: 7 out of 10
Animations: 8 out of 10

With all the scores counted together Darker Than Black: Gemini of The Meteor gets a
7.62 out of a possible 10.

This anime gets a fair recommendation and to be honest I think that you should put on your list and watch it. One day…..

And for any other anime that you could see after this one:

Soul Eater”, because it’s a bones anime. And To aru majutsu no index”  because of the great voice actors and amazing characters.

And with this all said, I say goodbye!!!

Until the next time….

Tot Dan.


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