Update of Two Monthes

Fuck School, just fuck it all. Me friends I’f been a selfish bastard and I hope you can all forgive me? Now let’s do what I’m suppose to do at the end of a month! A update!!!! JAHOOO

A month ago I said that I would post again until I was done with my exams. Guess what, Fuck That Bull-Shit! You guys deserve more than that.

I have all ready passed Dutch with a 8 out of 10 So that leaves History, Math, Economics, English and Biology. And after that it’s May and than it’s summer and after that I’m going to Community College.

And there I will go one with education to become a P.E teacher/swim teacher/personal trainer. Sport and music are my life. And Anime is a blessing. The next review is Darker Than Black: The Gemini of The Meteor. Give me a week and we are back and good2go.

Unt the next time

I’m your Dutchman, Lion.

Tot dan


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