Update of The Month

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And yet I promised the 14th. Well sorry didn’t happened. The reason for me not uploading and late post and future reviews in today’s

Update of The Month

A lot of things happened that weren’t really planned. But that’s the fun thing about life. YOU CAN’T FUCKING PLAN IT, ‘COUSE IF YOU WILL LIFE WILL FUCK YOU!! AND SHE WELL DO IT HARD!

The review I made of DTB is some what a good success and that’s positive! now the negative list! Where to begin?! In the end the month began as usual boring as ever, with school, internship so on and forward. But that something happened in my life that I wasn’t waiting for. A great depression and hitting Rock-Fucking-Bottom! As I fucked a lot up in my daily life. What actually is Waking up, School, Work, Eat and Sleep. I found out that I didn’t want to spend so much time om World-Press and YouTube ‘couse it’s a fun thing to do in my free-time and not a do and must! I’m not gonna quite but I just need sometime off. And I think that I’m gonna quite with planning These updates and quick’s on fucking Thursday and plan them on Friday night like now!

Also I’m thinking of rounding things up for this year with reviewing and to say that there are 4 more coming up until somewhere the begin off summer. Same counts for YouTube. So that’s about it. I’m just taking a good week off. Away from World-Press and planning some YouTube so that i can spent time some school work and my drawing skills (They are not good but I get’s better)

Until the next, Update/Quick or Review

I’m your Dutchman, Lion.

Keep your cool, en tot dan!

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