First Impression: Fate/Stay Night…….

Fate sn Fi

I just finished the second episode. And just nothing happened yet, but!!! Fate/Stay Night is FUCKING AWESOME.

Welcome to my short first impression/ Reaction review!

The anime hasn’t explained much yet, and sure thing have to start but right now it’s a giant FUCK THE HELL YES!!!

I’m already fallen for the great animations and how well the characters are drawn. The whole plot around the anime (as it is explained now)

There is some kind of tournament and the winner will get the “Holy Grail”. I saw a lot of reviews around this anime and it’s sequel Fate/Zero. And come to notice that /Stay Night is the better one. Just at the end of episode 2 Saber appeared  And I just hear a second of her voice and I shouted: “REINA”! And I was damn right Saber and Reina have the same voice actor. All ready from what if seen in 2 episodes and have to give it a grade right here right now? Not yet!

/Stay Night all ready looks awesome the way the characters are made and DAMN I ALL READY WROTE THIS DOWN~! My First Impression on this anime is good! Just watched 2 episodes and all ready after seeing other there reviews and hearing all the great things about Saber and what I saw in the begin of the first episode I must say. She looks awesome. Has a good voice! But the animations of /Stay Night. Are Great. Excuse me guys but I’m gonna watch episode 3!

Until the next time…

I’m your Dutchman, Lion

Tot dan.

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