Update of The Month

Walter C. Dornez
And there we are once agian, The update of the month. With also a new Screen-Shot as always. Walter C. Dornez from the Hellsing series. I loved the fucking anime. What I’m watching and more updates on my WorldPress page in The Update of The Month.

Finally it here, the First Update of The Month. Are we all happy? I’m not, to be  honest I’m cancelling the Review: Code Geass: Lelouch of The Rebellion R1. I can’t really describe everything and it’s not working ‘couse it’s been to long since I’ve seen it. So sorry no Geass.

But no fear there will be more coming up. One of the HUGE things that I’m planning is to make a Second blog for:

“They who Didn’t Made It”

This blog will contain all of the Screen-Shots who did not made it to represent my review of it. As you can see I have chosen Walter ‘couse he was bad-ass in Hellsing Ultimate. He had more screen time than the previous Hellsing anime.

Also the next Review that I will do is Darker Than Black: The Contract of Darkness. So you can expect that one. Also

I’m planning a 3th Vocal Update for Youtube this time With Script.

A lot of people send my private messages ’bout my Uhm’s and well uhh… and bad quality! So I’ve downloaded Audicity so make the background noise go away! And I wrote a script so yea that’s to look out for. Also the next Update will be on the 14th.

Valentine’s day so don’t forget to send my a nice card. *caugh* And yes this is it really.

Until the Next post.

I’m your Noble Dutchman, Lion

~Blogging Off~

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