Quick of the Week

Yes, me friends it is time for the Quick of The Week, have been looking out for it great! Let’s begin than.
This week is a brand new one, and the start of a all new year. As the days past by I could’t wait to writhe this Quick.
First off  fresh, I reached a 100 subscribers on YouTube that so great and I’m really happy with that and I will go on making more movies. 
Second, The review of Code Geass, have no fear it’s going good still have some trouble with finding a good quote and nice Screen-Shot and having some trouble with writhing things down so you guys understand everything.
Third: The next Update of The Month shall not be the usual 14th ‘couse it’s on a Monday. Instead it shall be re-scheduled to Thursday the 17th. Hope you all don’t mind and if you do leave a comment.
Fourth: Don’t forget to leave a happy B-day for Remy ‘Couse it’s his birthday tomorrow.
That’s the Quick of this Week, hope you all are doing great.
Lion D
~Blogging Off~

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