The First Quick of The Year

Ahh Yes!!! 2013. A fresh new start and of course a whole new semester filled with anime, reviews, updates and of course, The Quick of The Week.

Hope all of you are still having some great holidays. I sure do…
The Doc was very happy with me today as I went for my 6 month rehearsal to the hospital for my eyes.

Also the next review would be Code Geass right? Well, no. As I all ready announced it, I already have a delay on it so that’s bad. I’m having some trouble finding a good Quote at the begin of the review and trouble with explaining the story.

So it still will be the first only with another delay.

If you need something to do in the meanwhile, I am currently watching ‘Darker than black’ and this anime seems fantastic. It grabs you into the story from the first episode and it’s very exciting overall. So I would recommend you this anime if you are bored or want something to watch.

As for all of you, I wish you a¬†Happy New Year!!! And a well 2013…

Lion D


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