Update of The Month

nanael 2
Alahambra! We are back people! I hope all of you like the new site design. It’s actually the thing i was looking for! Great right!
This month was filled with mind-fucks and happy and sad moments! This week the happy moments where that I found the finally pieces of the Queen’s Blade Rebellion OST’s. Also my friend Remy joined the site. He all ready made is own “bout page and did a few uploads mostly the Quick of The Week Other happy part is that school finally found a internship for my!!! So that’s why I’m off at most Thursdays. Also I’m working on finding all the art books of Queen’s Blade Grimoire! Sad things this month. We found out that I’m a fucking idiot! And Code Geass. Some moments of the anime made my wanne cry manly tears!!! And than we have the MIND-FUCKS! 
The mind-fucks came when I found out that I scored 71% of the full 100% biology. And I pretty much fail in that…. A LOT !!!
Also I’m close to the ending of Hellsing Ultimate. So that’s to look up for! Also I’m very busy with my exam’s. So ya I hope you are also very happy with the OST’s.
Lion D
~Blogging Off~
Have a good friday night and weekend!

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