Quick of The Week

For this week. I’ll take care of it. The Quick of The Week.

So for the begin I’m happy that I had the whole Friday, Saturday and Sunday to take care of my review.
For that Ï thank Remy to take care of the Quick’s for the past 2 weeks! I was unable because I was busies with school stuff!

So now you guys know. Also I got a second vocal YouTube update, and a video which shows the new art book of Queen’s Blade Grimoire!
Demon hunter of Red Riding Hood, Zara. And i’f also made a few of my own interpretations of Zara! Not like I drew her ’cause I’m terrible at drawing XD.
So here are a few previews of what I’ve done zara 3.
Looks nice? Well I’m gonna stay up-to-date with the new Queen’s Blade Season!
So That’s it for this week! I hope you enjoyed!
Lion D
~Blogging Off~
Have a Good Day

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