Update of The Month

Here it is. The Update of The Month

this month was damn irritating!!
It was all just a pain in the ass for me. Yet now I have the time to give you all an Update of what’s going on!
There where several issues for me the past few weeks. I had no time for YouTube, wasn’t able to take the risk of uploading any more episodes of QB Season 1.
also My OST project where some success! And I’m planing to go on only with the OST’s after I’m finished the current animes.
Also the second if got 8 reviews coming-up so that’s something to look out for.
Just the more there is no more info here on this site. Also I will stop spamming my blog with the Pursuits.
And well all the other thing are in my previous QoTW’s!
Lion D
~Blogging Off ~

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