Quick of The Week

There and back again. A brand new QoTW.
By Lion D

Well, well, well. An all new Quick. Also you can’t forget my newest Review. Hope you all liked it.
Was also the first time for me that I took the Animation also in a Review. Meaning that from this day on I’ll will put the Animations also in the review.
And sorry I’m not so bussy with YouTube, daily life is taking over and I not allow taking over.
Also I have torrented ((or is it just torrent?) Ahh how cares you guys know what I’m trying to say) CastleVania Best Music Collection Box. This is the Complete OST box.
With all the CastleVania OST’s till now. It contains 18 discs of CastleVania OST’s. And I didn’t torrent them all. Just all the OST’s of CastleVania games I’ve played.
I tought just let you guys know
And right now I’m also wanne try to put a Daily Pursuit one my Blog. Daily Pursuit means a daily post. I don’t know if I’m gonna do that. And don’t forget. Daily Pursuit is daily. QoTW replaces the D,P of Thursday and The monthly update is always at a 14th of a Month.This was the QoTW
Lion D

~Blogging Off~

Have a Good Day


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