Review: Queen’s Blade The Wandering Warrior

I do not bare a heavy burden like others, nor do I conceive some great wishes. 
But I just want to fight. I want to find out through battles what I am capable of. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                 -The Wandering Warrior, Reina.
The reason for me to watch this anime was the  awesome story-line. A friend of mine gave me a link and told me that this anime had just aired 2 episodes. He said that watching it RAW was no big deal. He was right, BUT!!!
When I think about it, this anime would be better if they cut out the Fan-Serves! Then this anime would get the respect it deserves!!! After accepting this fate and seeing Queen’s Blade Rebellion I gain a little bit of hope for the Queen’s Blade series.
And in the end I asked myself: “Where is the plot. What the hell did I just watch!!!” 
But the Fan-Serves of this anime, makes the anime. If they would cut it out the game,  Queen’s Blade, would be gone.
And the manga too.
I personally think the anime didn’t need the Fan-Serves, it didn’t add anything. But I don’t care this anime is just pure-mindless fun, as long as it can enjoy me, it deserves to be in my Personal Anime Top 5#!!!
I introduce to you, an anime by ARMS . Queen’s Blade: Wandering Warrior The Review.
This is where we begin.
Plot: I’ll be direct. “What plot?” The only thing there was in this anime with their so-called plot was: Boobs, Breasts and titties.  The plot was something ’bout a tournament held once in the 4 years in the name of God. But the first thing I remember is: A maid, a thief, a slime with leaking boobs, a wild elf with a sneak fetish, a dumb-ass angel, a cat, a women with chronic back complaints because her breasts are hanging around her LEGS!!! And a nun with the same problem. And  5 MALE PERSONS.
This is all I can remember from Queen’s Blade. The tournament wasn’t really on the first season.
And because I can only remember all the bewbs and nothing more 3 out of 10
Hey, I have to be honest. And this all I can remember from season 1. They would score higher if they’d put some more childhood memories of Claudette in it. And more of the Nobel’s War. More on the tournaments background. More I wanted more!!!
Music: This is where the Anime is gonna score. If here is one thing I loved about this anime than it will be the Music.
The music suits the Anime you could say.  Just one thing I did once was just open the Anime and close my eyes and just listen to the music.
There is just one more thing. Some of the fighting theme’s I thought like, mmm…. jay…. no… just no. Because nothing can be perfect 8,5 out of 10.
My alarm Clock tune for half a year was “Get the Door. BGM”  And in one moment I was back in my Mellow Toto mood. And now I wake up with Africa everyday.
Development: Right now I must ask my self: “How the hell am I gonna rate this???”
The develop was weak. The most development was for the main character. And around here and there was just little develop on others. What I wanted to see was more develop on the characters. The only thing I can do now is to give the develop a weak 
4 out of 10. Why has everything to be about Reina???
Characters: The characters here all different. They all had a different set-up, yet hair in all the colours of the rainbow.
Bewbs with sizes WHAT THE FUCK!!! But most important. You can fall in love with them.
There is one thing which makes HobbyJapan great, there characters! Are the outfits the trick or the great voice-actors.
The characters where all half-naked, at the other hand they where not the stereo-type anime characters we usually get.
Spoiler Alert:
Also each character had her own outstanding features. Airi who’s a lovely maid with a killer scythe. Not only is she a ghost she’s also Bi-curious.
Risty a thief with a hearth of gold.  A strong female Robin Hood. Nowa a loli-elf who has human blood flowing through her veins. Reina the main character who is doomed to become the next heir of the family name. Major Spoiler Alert: 
She has the power to adapt other people their killer attacks.  And last, Merona who is nothing more than a glob with bunny ears.
She has the ability to shape-shift. And this also has a little tail.
The characters were great, yet the only thing that didn’t amuse me about them where the “WHAT THE FUCK” Breast sizes.
And for that 7,4 out of 10. 
And for the first time the Animations: The animations were yet to laugh, yet they made my mind go blank.
What I want to say is that the animations were all about bouncing boobs. And nothing more.
But just the ridiculous armor-break in combination with the animations were to laugh your ass off. The animations were fun.
Nothing really spectacular. So let’s give it a nice 6 out of 10
Overall, Queen’s Blade: The Wandering Warrior scored a total of 5,7 out of 10. 
 Queen’s Blade is one of my Favourite animes. But this is how it is. The horrible truth.
Hope that the most of you won’t kill me because of this review. 
Lion D
~Blogging Off~
Have a nice day.

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