Quick of The Week

Well today seems right. Cold outside, rain and guess who has the walk the dogs again?!
As long I’m allowed to drink me’coffie it’s fine by me.
Finally some time for myself this week if actually watched Hagure like…. 3 or 4 times just to make the right review. For me personal it could go without the ecchi but then it  wouldn’t be the Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero anymore so that’s that.
Also I’m planning for somewhere next month my newest review and that’s gonna be also for ME of course a hard one.
And I’m planning to make the character list of Rebellion on Anime-Planet and to make more avatars for the remaining characters of Hagure, so let’s hope that’s gonna work out then. Well this is the much I can give you for this week. 
Also I still have no info of Queen’s Blade Rebellion OST’s and the BD of Hagure.  Also I have found a new anime by HobbyJapan http://7-sins.net/. This is something to look out for I guess! Well this is the begin of a good new Anime-Season!
And also this http://queensblade.net/qbgrim A little something of Queen’s Blade Grimoire!
~Blogging Off~
Have a Good Day

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