Upcoming Project,

Yo~guys Lion here of course who else.
I’m actually thinking of a new project. If I can make it true my studies, “Social-Life” and all the other BS in my daily life.
So for this i need you guys to think about it!!!
Now, you know what this is? Just one of my Home-Made Screen-Savers. Just a few things about my Screen Shots/Savers.
#1, I own them! They’re mine, they’re for sharing and distributing.
#2, I pick parts of the anime I like. For ecchi anime’s, I won’t pick shots with boobs.
#3 Recommendations are always welcome
#4 Not all of the have a water-mark.
So now you know what’s coming up! Hope you guys are happy with this. And one question, If one of you guys know a good site where I can upload the complete .RAR please do tell.
~Blogging Off~

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