The Quick of The Week

Well I lied you all really thought that the M.U was also the QoTW? Well you’all thought wrong!!!
This week was really a true let down for me and just a big-finger!!! I was just ambushed when I found out that the person who uploaded all the anime’s right after the tv release and the dvd’s got arrested I feld like SHIT knowing that I won’t be able to upload anymore Queen’s Blade Rebellion.
Nothing more really.
So I’m still trying to find a new source. So just you know I’m always looking for the best of the best.
And I WILL FIND IT EVEN IF I HAVE OT SEARCH IT AT PAGE 99999999 OF GOOGLE!!! Also I’m improving my Photoshop skills a lot so If you guys wanne see more of that from an any anime just place a comment there and Let me see what I can do for you.  AND ALSO                    
      If you find this one at Anime-Planet know it was made by ME. Lion’s Deamonoid, who’s
~blogging off~
Hace a good DAY!!!

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