Review: High School DxD

I don’t care about complicated stuff, but I can remember one thing the last time you beat me! My president was crying because of you! That’s the only reason for me to kick your ass.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          – Hyoudou Issei

And here it finally is. The Review of High School DxD. Long have you waited, walking the World Wide Web east and west. And it brings you here to ME. This is gonna be great! – Gilgamesh Final Fantasy XII (It’s not the original Quote)Well Gilgamesh was truly interesting in FF-XII but also in this anime. There were also a lot of Great swords, I hope they are gonna do something with that in Season 2!

First to tell you is, that this was truly an anime of Master-Class. It was all nicely done. The reason why it took me so long? The anime itself was great and truly a lot of ecchi. Not like previous anime I reviewed, right Rebellion!!! Ah who cares anyway, the anime was genius, great plot, good OST’s, Characters ~chappo~* well done! And it was an anime worth to watch till the end!

The begin is great a guy in his own blood talking about a girl and of course Boobs! Next moment Flash-Back how did he end there! Well he got killed by his Fallen-Angel girlfriend. And get rescued by his new master. Rias Gremory. And from that point on Issei is will spent the rest of his life as a servant of Lady Rias Gremory Heirs of House Gremory. 

 It was great truly an Over-Kill. Worth a lot. It has been a long time since I’ve seen such a good plot for a 12 episode anime! So since it’s been a time, and this anime deserves all the rights.

Music: The OST’s were nice, there was a lot. Sad music, music to keep the attention,  Blues, Classic, Rock and Jazz, Nice guitars, strikers and above all organs and percussion’s.

 Music gets an 8.5 out of 10 from me. It was nice but it didn’t had me in its grip. 

Development & Plot: The develop & plot were great, the guy Issei begins weak and ends a little bit stronger. The develop was good. Cause in the end you get a lot of background info. Not only of Rias but also the history of the war between Angels, Demons and Fallen-Angels and the 72 Pillars 

It’s nicely done. the Develop and Plot both explain a lot and that’s why I give the Develop a 

8.5 out of 10!!!

It was genius, good and well done. But also, it was original! And that’s why I put plot & Develop in one!

Characters: The characters were nice, (I need a new dictionary to express myself) the few thing about this anime was that the ecchi genre made most of the characters. It was a classic ecchi character cast as you can say. A few pervert, a few over-breast women. And the rest of the female cast normal sizes! And the fact that they gave the demon houses all the aspects and made them look bad-ass. Also the Fallen-Angels were great. As you would expect from Fallen-Angels these days. And I think it deserves an 8 out of 10. 

Overall that gives High School DxD a total of 8,8. And that’s a score that the anime deserves!

 After-Talk: Actually in the beginning I didn’t liked the anime. But later I fell in love with it. One reason Issei  (No-Homo) is a fucking over-kill idiot! The anime was truly a great one. So for the specials, truly great ecchi ( I don’t care about that) and also ecchi-humor. And i’m putting my expectations for season 2 very high! Don’t let me down TNK!

 Lion, D

 ~blogging off~

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