Updates of This Month

aahh finally weekend. Meaning = doing nothing except for giving this month update.
ahh yes the update of the month.
Meaning every 14th of ever month I’m gonna try to make a update.
To tell my YouTube progress and upcoming projects.
Second i’ll be announcing things I.R.L well things that happened things that where fucked-up.
So this is short of what this is about. And this was actually the update of the month.
Also for everybody that sees this go to Google and type: Queen’s Blade Rebellion OST.
All the YouTube links you see. Is me!!!
Also everbody who has a Ipod/ phone or tablet. Please try the game DRAGONRIDER it’s a great game. Got to give Squar a lot of credits.
That´s it for this month update.
Blogging off
And enjoy your 2 days off!!!

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