Review: Queen’s Blade Rebellion

It is I who will rule over this continent, the victory I seized trough force is justice it self. The strong shall rule over the weak, and bring order and stability. My reign shall lead this continent into prosperity. And if there is anyone who get’s in my way, Be it God herself. I SHALL DESTROY THEM.
                                                                                                                                                                                                            -Thunder Queen, Claudette 
Fun thing to know is that I’m not gonna talk about Claudette but about Luna-Luna instead. Cause did you know, that the voice actress of Luna-Luna, also did a voice in the H-anime:
“Tales of 15 beautiful girls”. 
                                             Luna Luna        =  Saori Asou 
First, this anime was something that the fans didn’t see coming. There was a low rate of fan-serve, the plot was not as we expected in the first place.But the anime had some nice ecchi shots such as spanking, up-skirt, impossible clothing and also armor breaks.So that’s all to know. Ok let’s begin the review of “Queen’s Blade Rebellion”. Plot: The plot was different than the first 3 seasons of Queen’s Blade (yes I’m counting “Utsukushiki Toushi-tachi” as a season) the plot was focused on something new.The “Queen’s Blade” didn’t have so much to do with it.It wasn’t about Reina anymore, but the plot was now focused on Anne-Lotte, the only member left of House Kreuze.Anne-Lotte has a high sense of justice and the only thing she wants is to defeat the Thunder Queen and to bring peace to the Main lands again. But this won’t go without danger.
On her way she faces Ghote Pirates, Vibrating Valkarys, dancers and summoners.

But will Anne-Lotte be able to free the Main lands from the terror of Claudette or is Claudette not responsible for the terror at all and is there something else going on?


Plot: Was okey. Not what  most Queen’s Blade fans would expect because it was the same as Season 1, The Wandering Warrior.

So i’ll be nice 6 out of 10.


Music: The music was great. It was just like the seasons before, lovely and nice classic OST’s.

And at some points you could here some dub I think. (not a great fan of dub so I’m Talking bull I guess) ” The main theme” was great, just like all OST’s from this anime.

It kept the excitement in the anime and it made it pretty good looking.  It was truly amazing.


Music: Great really great, it was truly amazing and that also counts for the opening” .

And because of it all.

I will give the Music a 7 out of 10.


Development: The develop of Queen’s Blade Rebellion was dramatic it sucked at some points.

But it also had good points like the most endings.

But really, it was disappointing and the biggest disappointment was at the begin of episode 12. Because the beginning of the episode had to be the ending of episode 11. The ending had to be like:


Anne-Lotte running and finally reaching Claudette!

she sees her friends and is like!


*eyes wide open*
Anne-Lotte: GUYS!!!!

*looks up with hate in her eyes*
Anne-Lotte: So, we finally meet…..
*looks straight in Claudette’s eyes*
*Dramatic fade out (with Main theme fading on the BG) /better cliff-hanger!*

It was disappointing I’m sorry hobby japan.

 The development was bad. 

I felt Raped, like a child in the Roman-Catholic church in Europa in the year 1946.

They raped it at the end! The scene where Maria arrives!

You hear the main theme of Queen’s Blade Original, so you expect a Master sword fight between Reina and Claudette right???
What do you get!!! Oww she fell asleep.
Claudette: *Turns around* Will finish this another day….

Develop 3 out of 10 sorry but I wanted a nice sword fight between Claudette and  Maria.


Characters: Well in one thing hobby is the best and that is making there Beautiful warriors.

The thing I liked the most about the Characters was that they all had there one thing to do with the plot and that they had there one story to be told.

But (there is always a BUT) the characters where somewhat copies of the previous serie.

 Anne-Lotte replaced Reina, Lilian repaced Airi, Siggy replaced Melpha, Sainyang & Tarnyang and Isumi replaced Tomoé Yuit and Vante for Nowa and Alleyne and  Laila for Nanael. 

They also had the good voice actors. The voices were right and well done.  

Characters will get a 8 out of 10. Job well done Hobby!


Over all Queen’s Blade Rebellion scores a 6 out of 10.


After talk: I really expected a better ending there for Queen’s Blade. Not something like this.

You know, a bad ending is an ending that shows that chaos is on the way.

But if they want to end it like this, be my guest ARMS. The anime it self was nice, truly amazing I truly enjoyed it. 

And now, let’s put our hopes on a new season of Queen’s Blade Rebellion and the upcoming new series: Queen’s Blade Grimoir.


Lion D 


blogging off.


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