Review: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

   Surpass the impossible and kick off with momentum! So don’t believe in yourself. I believe in you. Believe that I believe in you. And make it happen! Make the impossible, possible! 



Those are the words from Kamina, and his voice has been done by: Katsuyuki KONISHI who also did Amidamaru in the Shaman King series.




I’m Liond and this is my First Anime review for: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.


First of all, about this anime, one word: Wow. I mean fantastic. This anime was truly amazing and pretty awesome.  

 Just the way how it was done. The characters where pretty awesome, OST’s where great and above all FINALLY A GOOD ENDING! (Take that Hobby Japan)


Gurren Lagann ( I will just call it Gurren Lagann because the full name is WÁÁÁY too long) is an anime which has everything, Humor, action, plot, music and ecchi. The characters where great from fearless leaders to Gay-engineers to hot girls with machine guns. There is almost no way to beat this.

 The anime it self was nice, voice acting very well done. They have the voice you would expect they have.  


Ok now lets get to business!

 Plot:  The plot is based on Simon, the main character for this anime. He lives a boring life in the underground village of Jeeha, where his main job day in and day out is to dig tunnels. His closest friend is, of course, Kamina ( my Second favo character of “This” anime).  Kamina is driven to get to the surface world. But everybody thinks he’s a fool.  One day, during his usual digs, Simon discovers a robot with a big face buried amongst the rocks.

 No sooner has he shown Kamina his mysterious find when two beings from the surface crash into Jeeha Village, A gun-toting woman calling Yoko (My favo character for “This”anime) and the other is a terrifying mecha piloted by a Beastman.

 Seeing their chance to escape village drudgery, Kamina rallies Simon and Yoko to defeat the invader using their new robot, Lagann.

 Now this is just episode 1 only the rest follows.  In the end they meet friends of Yoko an Engineer called: Leeron, and some other people. Together they build up the: Gurren-Brigade. With Kamina as leader.

 The plot:  truly is interesting and I won’t spoil too much. And I rate it an 8 out of 10.


Music:  The OSTs were awesome. Just great and quite, a mix up here and there from industrial-rap to classic music to a nice Jazz beat. There has been a lot of thinking for the music. There is just so much of it. it’s amazing and the music will also get an8 out of 10.

 Development: The development was good, the anime is walking forward as it has to. At the point where Kamina dies (yes he’s going to die) everybody is depressed. And than Simon finds new hope in a girl named: Nia. And then 7 years later and after that 20 years later.

 The develop is good and could not be better.  9 out of 10 because it is nice and well done. And it was real, it was not like “Oww the power of friendship well save us” NO! it was the power of never giving up! That’s what made it so great. (plus the Over-Kill ending).

 Characters: Now the characters were great, nice and just splendid. I’m really moved by most of them. They’re drawn good, have good voices and all looked nice. Well at some points here and there with the beastman, who looked like human.

 I liked Viral and the Helix King there, at the end of the anime, where it all becomes Wááááy to Over-kill. I’ll give the characters an 8 out of 10. they are really good but not everyone is as spectacular as other and done a bit sloppy in my opinion.


Total: all the scores together it gives  Gurren Lagann an 8.2 out of 10


After talk: This is truly an anime that everybody should see. It was a great one. A lot of fighting and some ecchi here and there. The ending was also a really good one. Haven’t seen a GOOD ending in a long time. And the hidden message is also pretty great. Never giving up you know. But the unlimited power of this anime was just great. And you’ll find out what I’m talking about.


And there  we go, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann review. Still this is my first one and I haven’t done anything like this before, ever. I hoped you all liked it and that your curiosity has awakened, to watch:   

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Just Who the heck do you think I am?!

Liond, who’s blogging off.

Have a good day.


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